Fort Awesome Studios is the home of all things audio at the Comedy Podcast Cloud network and StolenDress Entertainment. We’ve recorded and mixed over 1,000 podcast episodes here, as well as three feature films, countless short films, audiobooks, and other projects that require voice over. We’ve even consulted on some big-name podcasts, including The Craig Ferguson Show.

Some podcasts recorded here include:

  • Comedy on Vinyl (2011-2021) – Explored the history of vinyl comedy albums. In 2015, the show made comedy history when it premiered a lost Bob Newhart track. In 2018, it explored the discovery of the true identity of 1960s comic Dick Davy.
  • Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour (2014 – present) – Made history with the co-creation of the smallest comedy record in history, at 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Dispatches from Fort Awesome: A NewsRadio Podcast (2016 – Present) – The oral history of the sitcom NewsRadio
  • Hosts with Their Own Picard (2020 – Present) – A watch along podcast about the TV series Star Trek: Picard and other Star Trek series

We’re also the home of StolenDress Stories, a repository for new, untold stories. We’re currently developing several podcasts and feature-length productions.

Fort Awesome Studios is named after the mansion of the fictional billionaire Jimmy James from the sitcom NewsRadio.